Kids Company: Charity, Corporate Darling or Personal Empire?

[Disclaimer: this is a bit of a rant, these are just my opinions!] The spectacular, and very public, implosion of the charity Kids Company took my breath away.  (If you are wondering, “What on earth are you talking about Becca?”, then you can find out about what’s been going on here). I found myself both relieved and saddened as I read article after article about its demise.  You … Continue reading Kids Company: Charity, Corporate Darling or Personal Empire?

Blogs I am loving: part II

I love words. I love reading them. I love writing them.  At the moment, I’m obsessively reading blogs.  I’m hungry for inspiration and ideas. There are A LOT of amazing blogs out there. Written by some extraordinary women. Here are some that I’m loving right now: 1. Honestly   – Jess is a Durban mum, she blogs about parenting and family life. Both funny and profound, I’m … Continue reading Blogs I am loving: part II

Boobs, Animals and Mum-Bags

Firstly: boobs. It’s been seven days. We’ve survived our first week post-breastfeeding. Day one (which I blogged about here) was a bit of a novelty. And went surprisingly well. Day two was horrendous. Just awful. My little girl was not at all happy about our new arrangement. My boobs felt like rocks (unbelievably painful rocks). We were both physically and emotionally exhausted. We dragged ourselves through … Continue reading Boobs, Animals and Mum-Bags