Blogs I’m loving

I’m trying to get my blogging-groove back. It’s not easy. My brain often seems to run (or should I say “meander”) on “slow” mode these days. So setting up this blog (and I know, I know – it’s hardly fancy!) has taken much longer than I expected.

Thankfully, there have been heaps of places to go for inspiration. (So many fantastic blogs. So little time!). There are some incredibly creative bloggers out there. Who knew there was a whole world of mummy-blogs out there, and I feel like I am only scratching the surface. So here is my (somewhat nascent) list of blog-spiration:

1. Rainbeaubelle – you need to be feeling strong before embarking on this incredible blog. Mum of two writes about family life, with the gut-wrenched that her husband is living with terminal cancer. Inspiring. You might need a tissue or two.

2. Jenny from the block – I love reading about Jenny’s exploits as a mum living in inner city London. She is a friend but I would definitely be following this blog even if she wasn’t. Thought-provoking and fantastically written.

3. Not another mummy blog – she writes about family life and is a travel expert. Having just read one of her family-friendly holiday reviews, I am tempted to book a break there asap.

4. Becoming a Stay at Home Mum – a blog journeying the ups and downs of life as a SAHM. I am one of those, so particularly enjoy this blog and it has some great links to other blogs too.

5. Real Housewife of Suffolk – a mummy/lifestyle blog with a focus on mental health. She writes candidly about her own mental health ups and downs. Well worth a read.

6. At Home with Red – a gorgeous photography blog by a gorgeous friend of mine.

I hope you enjoy browsing these blogs as much as I have. Happy Monday y’all.

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