A big day for our little girl

Today is day one of “no more boob” for my little girl, who is sixteen months old. I always wanted to breastfeed her for a year and when her birthday came, I didn’t feel ready to stop. She has absolutely loved her “milkies” and I’ve cherished feeding her. 

There have been some challenging times: the newborn days of learning how to latch and suck, feeding on demand and being pinned to the sofa. 

Then, at four months old, my milk started drying up. I was hugely sleep-deprived, up almost every hour in the night, had just moved to a new continent and my body was caving in. 

I met an angel (Liza at Ballito Babes) who helped me with a routine and some medication. We carried on. 

And it became second nature. 

I have loved the sense of intimacy with my girl (especially in the otherwise- hideous hours of the night). 

I have loved being able to provide for her in a way that is unique to us, mother and daughter. 

I have loved this special time. 

And she has been amazing today- no tantrums, no meltdowns. She asked for “milkies” but seemed to accept its absence. 

She’s growing up. Fast. My big girl.

I am so proud. 

4 thoughts on “A big day for our little girl

  1. Well done Becca! Just for your interest, my girls were 4 when they completely stopped! It was often the best way of getting them to sleep. I think you are a fantastic Mum by rhe way.

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  2. Aw so lovely, I am so glad you were able to get over the early difficulties and breastfeed for as long as you have wanted to. glad that stopping is going well so far too! Thanks for linking with #MaternityMondays xx

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