Boobs, Animals and Mum-Bags

Firstly: boobs.

It’s been seven days.

We’ve survived our first week post-breastfeeding.

Day one (which I blogged about here) was a bit of a novelty. And went surprisingly well.

Day two was horrendous. Just awful. My little girl was not at all happy about our new arrangement. My boobs felt like rocks (unbelievably painful rocks). We were both physically and emotionally exhausted. We dragged ourselves through the next 48 hours. 

Secondly: a wonderful and much-needed distraction… Animals!

We went to a game park for two nights. It’s only two hours drive from our home and this was our fifth trip since we arrived in Africa a year ago. The weather was pretty horrendous- it rained and rained. But we had fun. And loved being away from “normal life”.
So, one week on (and post-animal adventures), we’re both adjusting to the new normal. And after 16 months, my body feels more like mine again.

Thirdly: Mum-Bags. This weekend I found myself thinking about my Mum-Bag. It always seems heavy, with nappies/clothing/snacks sprawling out. It definitely isn’t neat or ordered. 

I’ve noticed that some of my mama-friends seem to be able to leave the house with a relatively small number of items in their Mum-Bag. I have tried this. And I fail every time. 

What sort of Mum-Bag person are you? Streamlined or bursting at the seams? Ultra-organised or chaotic mess? And does anyone have any tips for a more minimalistic approach to this motherhood essential?

5 thoughts on “Boobs, Animals and Mum-Bags

  1. I waver between streamlined and bursting at the seams mum-bag … hard to find that middle ground sometimes. I find it gets easier as my little grows and becomes more independent.

    Really lovely pictures and all the very best on your breastfeeding journey. Feel free to link up your breastfeeding related posts to #BreastfeedingandI; it would be lovely to see your there.


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