One more mile

This blog is inspirational. I don’t know Jenny personally but I have done some work with her husband (in my former pre-mama life!). What a brave, articulate woman.

Run for your life

Paul heading out again

To play any sport well, you need to train your mind as well as your body. As well as legs that can go the distance, you need to be able to deal with the doubts that can creep in when the going gets tough. We say this to the people who join the Eagles beginners’ group. Many of them, after the first session of mixed running and walking, wonder how they will ever manage to run continuously for 30 minutes. But somewhere over the next six weeks as they run more and walk less, they begin to trust what their body has done and expect that it can do more. Their internal ‘I can’t’ turns into ‘Wow – look! I can!’ and a runner is born. Adharanand Finn has spent time with both Kenyan and Japanese runners and in his book The Way of the Runner about running in Japan…

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