Blogs I am loving: part II

I love words. I love reading them. I love writing them. 

At the moment, I’m obsessively reading blogs. 

I’m hungry for inspiration and ideas.

There are A LOT of amazing blogs out there. Written by some extraordinary women.

Here are some that I’m loving right now:

1. Honestly   – Jess is a Durban mum, she blogs about parenting and family life. Both funny and profound, I’m loving this blog. 

2. Momastery – so much amazing writing, truth and hope here. This post is a good place to start. I could get lost in this blog.

3. Jamie The Very Worst Missionary – a bloomin’ brilliant blog with a bloomin’ brilliant name! Jamie is a down-to-earth, refreshingly normal “missionary” who makes me laugh out loud. I especially love this post

4. Running, equality and things in between – Jenny is someone I admire from not-that-afar (I haven’t met her but I know her hubby and her brother/sister-in-law). A keen runner, an activist for justice and equality and a truth-bringer, Jenny was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Her blog is really worth a visit. 

What blogs do you follow? 

What makes them worth reading?

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