A big day for our little girl

Today is day one of “no more boob” for my little girl, who is sixteen months old. I always wanted to breastfeed her for a year and when her birthday came, I didn’t feel ready to stop. She has absolutely loved her “milkies” and I’ve cherished feeding her.  There have been some challenging times: the newborn days of learning how to latch and suck, feeding … Continue reading A big day for our little girl

Raising a girl in a violent society

We recently had our one-year-in-Africa-versary, having moved to SA when our little girl was only three months old. What a move that was! Sleep-deprived and wide-eyed, we arrived in a new land.  Moving continents is always a big deal, but we also had a brand new baby. We were brand new parents, a brand new family, leaving behind our support networks, our familiar world, and … Continue reading Raising a girl in a violent society

A new life and a new blog

Hello! Welcome to my brand-spanking-new blog. I am a British, late-thirty-something mama of a one-year-old toddler. Our little family – husband, toddler and slightly crazy dog – has been living on the North Coast in South Africa for the last year. The last twelve months have been wholly-wonderful-and-utterly-stressful-all-at-the-same-time. The many challenges of life as a new mum have unfolded alongside the ups and downs of … Continue reading A new life and a new blog