Boobs, Animals and Mum-Bags

Firstly: boobs. It’s been seven days. We’ve survived our first week post-breastfeeding. Day one (which I blogged about here) was a bit of a novelty. And went surprisingly well. Day two was horrendous. Just awful. My little girl was not at all happy about our new arrangement. My boobs felt like rocks (unbelievably painful rocks). We were both physically and emotionally exhausted. We dragged ourselves through … Continue reading Boobs, Animals and Mum-Bags

Raising a girl in a violent society

We recently had our one-year-in-Africa-versary, having moved to SA when our little girl was only three months old. What a move that was! Sleep-deprived and wide-eyed, we arrived in a new land. ┬áMoving continents is always a big deal, but we also had a brand new baby. We were brand new parents, a brand new family, leaving behind our support networks, our familiar world, and … Continue reading Raising a girl in a violent society